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Your Activation Package is on it’s way, but you can still drive today!

But first, you’re going to need two apps:

Slack and DeliverLogic


Check your email for your Slack invite. We use Slack to communicate, especially with the dispatcher. (The dispatcher connects you to your orders and is your go to for help while on the road.) Once you're in the app click on the top-left icon and you'll see a search bar titled “Jump to”. Search for “Dispatcher” and let em know you’re a new driver logging on for the first time!

You’ll also want to be aware of some channels. A channel on slack will always have a # before the name and its a place for drivers to gather. For example, #getting_started is a great place to go to ask any questions you might have. Don’t be shy! Some other channels to be aware of are #announcements, #driver_lounge, and you’ll also want to join the channel for your city. Just search #yourcityname and it should pop up, if you need some help just ask Dispatcher or post in the #getting_started Channel!

Download Slack



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The DeliverLogic App will be used to accept and perform orders. To login your username will be the email you used to apply and sign up to be a driver. Your password will be yourlastname19, to clarify, your password will be your last name followed by the number 19.

You will need to Check In anytime you are ready to deliver. Once an order has been assigned to you it will appear on the app located on the “orders” tab. Click on the order itself to view details regarding that order.

Each order you receive will have a series of buttons that are designed to keep both the Dispatcher and customer aware of the order status at all times. Here is the breakdown of those buttons:

  1. Confirm - This will tell the Dispatcher that you aware of the order and it’s ready to be placed with the restaurant. Once the Dispatcher has placed the order you will see the status update to “Placed”.

  2. Arrived - Hit “Arrived” as you arrive to the restaurant.

  3. En Route - Once you’ve made it back to your vehicle and are ready to leave the parking lot, hit “En Route" to let everyone know you’re on your way.

  4. Delivered - Once you’ve completed the delivery hit “Delivered”. Job well done!

Note: you can also watch a video about receiving orders here.

Download DriverLogic



Thats all folks! Remember, if you need help, reach out to Jason Sherman on slack or post to the channel #getting_started. If you are having difficulties getting onto slack, reach out to Jason Sherman at